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The foreword to
Turning The Templar Key
by Martin Faulks
Listen to Robert read from
Turning The Templar Key
Timeline 1 -The Barons of Roslin
Timeline 2 -William the Chapel-builder
Timeline 3 - The Original and Masonic Templars
Timeline 4 - Farming Symbolism
The Vinca Symbolim in Freemasonry
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Timeline 1

Titles and Dates of St Clair/Sinclair Barons of Roslin

William the Seemly First Baron Roslin Died 1093

Henri Second Baron Roslin; First Baron Pentland Born 1060; inherited 1093; died 1110

Henri Third Baron Roslin; Second Baron Pentland Inherited 1110; died 1180

William Fourth Baron Roslin; Third Baron Pentland; First Baron Cousland Inherited 1110; died 1214

Henri Fifth Baron Roslin; Fourth Baron Pentland; Second Baron Cousland Inherited 1214; died 1222

Henri Sixth Baron Roslin, Fifth Baron Pentland, Third Baron Cousland Inherited 1222; died 1270

William Seventh Baron Roslin; Sixth Baron Pentland; Fourth Baron Cousland Born 1220; inherited 1270; died 1296

Henry Eighth Baron Roslin; Seventh Baron Pentland; Fifth Baron Cousland Born 1270; inherited 1296; built Roslin Castle 1304; died 1335

William Ninth Baron Roslin; Eighth Baron Pentland; Sixth Baron Cousland Born 1328; inherited 1335; died 1358

Henry Tenth Baron Roslin; Ninth Baron Pentland; Seventh Baron Cousland; First Earl of Orkney Born 1347; inherited 1358; died 1400

Henry Eleventh Baron Roslin; Tenth Baron Pentland; Eighth Baron Cousland; Second Earl of Orkney Born 1384; inherited 1400; died 1420

William the Chapel-builder Twelfth Baron Roslin; Eleventh Baron Pentland; Ninth Baron Cousland; Third Earl of Orkney; First Earl of Caithness; First Baron Dysart, First Lord Sinclair Born 1404; inherited 1420; built Roslin Chapel 1446; estates broken up 1476; died 1480.

Oliver Thirteenth Baron Roslin Born 1475; inherited 1476; died 1513

William Fourteenth Baron Roslin Inherited 1513; died 1554

William the Wastrel Fifteenth Baron Roslin Inherited 1554; acclaimed Hereditary Patron of Masons in First St Clair Charter 1602; died 1617

William Sixteenth Baron Roslin Inherited 1617; confirmed Hereditary Patron of Masons in Second St Clair Charter 1628; died 1650

John Seventeenth Baron Roslin Inherited 1650; died 1690

James Eighteenth Baron Roslin Inherited 1690; died 1706

William Nineteenth Baron Roslin Inherited 1706; elected first Grand Master Mason of Scotland 1736; died 1778 (last St Clair Baron of Roslin)