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The foreword to
Turning The Templar Key
by Martin Faulks
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Turning The Templar Key
Timeline 1 -The Barons of Roslin
Timeline 2 -William the Chapel-builder
Timeline 3 - The Original and Masonic Templars
Timeline 4 - Farming Symbolism
The Vinca Symbolim in Freemasonry
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Timeline 3

The Original and Masonic Templars.

1095 First Crusade begins

1099 Jerusalem taken by Crusaders

1118 Templars founded by Hugh de Payns

1123 Hugh de Payns visits Rosslyn

1128 King David of Scotland gives Templars two perceptories in Scotland

1136 Geoffrey of Monmouth publishes first story of Arthur (Historia Regum Britanniae)

1153 King David of Scotland gave Templars an estate in Lothian.

1162 Pope Alexander III grants Templars self-rule

1180 Publication of the First Graal Story [mentioned in Chapter 2]

1185 Knights Templar build Temple Church in London

1216 Parzival written by Wolfram von Eschenbach

1291 The Fall of Acre to the Mamelukes

1293 Jacques de Molay becomes Master of the Temple

1295 Philip the Fair becomes King of France at the age of 17

1296 Stone of Destiny moved from Scoon to Westminster

1306 Pope Clement V calls Masters of Templars and Hospitallers to France to discuss combining the two orders

1306 De Molay travels to Poiters to meet Clement and submit reasons for not combining the orders Philip seizes the property of all Jews in France to help his ailing exchequer

1307 Dawn raid on all Templars; de Molay imprisoned at Paris Temple

1313 Pope Clement V publishes bull abolishing Templars

1314 Jacques de Molay executed in France Battle of Bannockburn

1446 Building of Roslin Chapel begins

1471 Start of work of Burgh Church at Aberdeen

1480 William St Clair the Chapel-builder dies.

1483 Council minutes of Aberdeen speak of a lodge of masons at Abderdeen

1500 Masons of Aberdeen named with King James IV on foundation stone of King's College Aberdeen

1583 William Schaw becomes Master of Works to King James VI

1589 William Knox denounces Roslin Chapel as monument to idolatry

1590 Lodge Stirling said to be working Templar Masonry Patrick Coipland of Udaucht Aberdeen made Warden of Masonry by James VI

1592 William St Clair forced by Kirk to destroy the altars at Roslin and cease using it as place of worship

1598 First Schaw Statutes Schaw becomes General Warden of the Masons of Scotland

1599 Second Schaw Statutes Start of oldest continuous records from Edinburgh Lodge

1601 John Mylne is Warden of Lodge of Scoon and Perth when it initiates King James VI First St Clair Charter

1628 Second St Clair Charter

1642 Start of oldest records from Kilwinning

1658 Lodge of Scoon and Perth records Kilwinning Templar legend in minutes

1670 Laws and Statues of the Lodge of Aberdeen recorded

1688 Roslin Chapel abandoned after being ransacked by an Edinburgh Mob

1696 Provincial Grand Lodge of Royal Order of Scotland meets in London

1715 First Jacobite Rebellion

1717 Grand Lodge of London formed, renouncing Jacobite links

1730 Two London lodges work Rite de Bouillon

1735 Lodge Cannongate Kilwinning proposes to form a Grand Lodge of Scotland

1736 William St Clair of Roslin initiated into Freemasonry at Lodge Cannongate Kilwinning William St Clair of Roslin, resigns from the hereditary Grand Mastership Formation of Scottish Grand Lodge William St Clair of Roslin elected First Grand Mason Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland Roslin Chapel glazed and restored. floor relaid

1737 Ramsay's Oration claims Freemasonry descends from Templars

1745 Second Jacobite Rebellion Lodge Stirling records show fees collected for initiating Knights Templar

1747 Prince Charles Edward Stuart issues Arras Charter, claiming Grand Mastership of Royal Order

1750 Scottish Mother Lodge of Marseilles offers Masonic Knight Templar degree

1753 William Mitchell estabishes Royal Order of Scotland in Edinburgh

1761 Stephen Morin introduces Templar Masonry in Charleston USA

1779 Earl of Eglinton, Grand Master of Lodge Mother Kilwinning warrants the Early Grand Rite in Ireland

1780 Grand Lodge of York records initiation of Masonic Templars Rite of Baldwyn set up in Bristol Masonic Templar Ritual recorded in America as part of a 7-degree system Six Templar Encampments set up in England

1794 Beginning of records of St George Aboyne Aberdeen

1799 Secret Societies Act becomes Law Mother Kilwinning stops working Templar Degrees

1825 Richard Carlile publishes Masonic Templar Ritual as used in England

1826 The Early Grand Encampment of Scotland formed under Robert Martin

1868 McClenachan publishes Templar ritual of Ancient and Accepted Rite in New York