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The foreword to
Turning The Templar Key
by Martin Faulks
Listen to Robert read from
Turning The Templar Key
Timeline 1 -The Barons of Roslin
Timeline 2 -William the Chapel-builder
Timeline 3 - The Original and Masonic Templars
Timeline 4 - Farming Symbolism
The Vinca Symbolim in Freemasonry
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Timeline 4

Farming Symbolism

8500 BCE Settlement begins at Jericho

7400 BCE Settlement begins at �atalh�y�k

6500 BCE Spiral-and-lozenge symbol in use in �atalh�y�k

6000 BCE Birthing chambers in use in �atalh�y�k

5000 BCE Vinca Goddess statues shows link between Goddess and spiral-and-lozenge symbol

4500 BCE Vinca or Old European Script starts to appear First Ploughs used in Mesopotamia

4000 BCE Spiral-and-lozenge symbol in use in Romania

3400 BCE First walled cities built in Egypt

3250 BCE First Elamite writing developed in Mesopotamia

3200 BCE Spiral-and-lozenge symbol in use in Newgrange, Ireland

3000 BCE Spiral-and-lozenge symbol in use in Skara Brae, Orkney First Egyptian hieroglyphics appear

2700 BCE Gilgamesh rules Uruk

2500 BCE The Epic of Gilgamesh first written down

1000 BCE Early Old Testament books first written down

70 CE Early New Testament books (Letters of St Paul) first written down

1776 CE Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations published