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The foreword to
Turning The Templar Key
by Martin Faulks
Listen to Robert read from
Turning The Templar Key
Timeline 1 -The Barons of Roslin
Timeline 2 -William the Chapel-builder
Timeline 3 - The Original and Masonic Templars
Timeline 4 - Farming Symbolism
The Vinca Symbolim in Freemasonry
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Timeline 2

William the Chapel-builder

1404 Born

1420 aged: 16 Inherits Earldom of Orkney as a minor.

1421 aged: 17 Serves as a hostage in England for James I of Scotland

1424 aged: 20 Tricks his Uncle David (acting Earl of Orkney) into standing in as hostage in England Takes control of Orkney

1425 aged: 21 Summoned by King of Norway but refuses to attend

1434 aged: 30 James I of Scotland writes to King of Norway supporting William's claim to Orkney

1436 aged: 32 Escorts Princess Margaret of Scotland to France for her marriage

1438 aged: 34 Becomes High Admiral of Scotland

1446 aged: 42 Invested as Earl of Orkney by King of Norway Fights against English invaders of Scotland Receives permission from James I of Scotland to build Roslin Chapel

1449 aged: 45 Created Lord Sinclair

1450 aged: 46 Marries Elizabeth, Dowager Countess of Buchan (she is aged around 40) First child Elizabeth born

1451 aged: 47 Second child William born; wife dies after giving birth

1453 aged: 49 Begins planning Roslin Chapel

1454 aged: 50 Appointed Chancellor of Scotland James II of Scotland starts a private war with the Douglas Family

1455 aged: 51 Created Earl of Caithness

1456 aged: 52 Roslin village becomes a Barony Burgh Marries Margaret Stewart of Galloway Sir Gilbert Hay comes to Roslin Retires as Chancellor of Scotland Building begins on Roslin Chapel

1459 aged: 55 Third child Eleanor born

1461 aged: 57 William acts as Scottish Ambassador to England

1463 aged: 50 Queen Mary dies; Bishop Kennedy appointed Regent of Scotland

1467 aged: 63 Fourth child Catherine born

1468 aged: 64 James III of Scotland, still a minor, marries Princess Margaret of Norway Orkney pawned to Scotland as part of dowry by King of Norway

1469 aged: 65 Bishop Kennedy dies; Lord Boyd becomes Regent of Scotland

1471 aged: 67 Orkney passes to James III from Norway; William loses Earldom

1472 aged: 68 William acts as Scottish Ambassador to England James III takes power from his Regent

1475 aged: 71 Sixth child Oliver born

1476 aged: 72 Seventh child William born (second of this name but given different title); wife dies after giving birth Forced to break up his estates by James III, gives Barony of Roslin to Oliver

1477 aged: 73 Marries Janet Yeman

1480 aged: 76 Dies and is buried in Roslin Chapel